“Relevance Without Compromise”
Clinton Powell
Creating purposeful Student Programming without compromising the gospel.

Description: Every student pastor asks the same question, how can I engage my
students without going too far. If you run a weekly program, be it a youth
service, campus ministry, a youth event or an outreach, it’s easy to get
lost in creating the best experience and forget our “why”, which is Jesus.
This workshop will teach you how to use culture and the gospel to great
programming that will be both entertaining and life changing.

“Ministry Mapping”
Betty Flores
Description: Impactful and creative strategies to road-mapping your ministry in growth expectations and goal setting and recruitment.
 Anyone can have an idea, execution is what makes it happen.
Where do you see your ministry in 30 days. What ideas, resources and
impact must happen in order to experience growth? Learn how Betty
coaches entrepreneurs, pastors and churches to envision and execute
visions successfully.

“How to Work with Youth with Emotional Problems”
Sonya Boyne 

Description: The Struggle Is Real: Walking with Youth as They Wrestle with Life
This workshop will equip participants with an overview of child
development, identifying issues and challenges common to youth, and
equipping with strategies to help youth navigate and overcome those


“Youth Ministry 101”
Dr. Tommy Carrington
Principles for setting up a Youth Ministry

Description: This workshop will lay down foundational principles for an effective youth ministry. It will help you develop a foundation for a youth ministry that is culturally relevant and Biblically solid. We will provide practical tools develop and implement a program that is effective in reaching young people with the Gospel, and discipling them in their faith.

“It CAN be Easy to Share your Faith”

Johanna Ralsten-Cox 

Descriptin: Through a simple discipleship method of Sharing, Praying, and
Discovering, Johanna learned how to more intentionally live out her
faith in her everyday contexts – while she was serving as a full-time
missionary with Youth for Christ! Come experience this simple method for yourself, and
learn how you
can use it to transform your personal and student leadership models.


Student Track Pt. 1
Tabitha Gibson and Isiah Hayes
This track is designed for students between the ages of 14 and 18

 Desription: Let’s Talk… (AM & PM Sessions Heat Room)
Topic Description: Let’s have an engaging conversation about intimate
relationships and how it relates to health and our pursuit of Christ.


“Generation Now”
Clinton Powell
Students are not the future of the church; they are the church.

Description: Are you seeking individuals with leadership potential? Have you
considered your students? Students don’t just have potential, they
have ability, and it’s our responsibility to guide them into leading and
influence, but what’s holding them back? Is it them, or is it us? Learn
how to identify, develop, empower and release purpose in your students to
serve in your church.

“Branding and Marketing Your Ministry for Maximum Growth” 
Betty Flores

Description: Branding is not your logo, colors and cool graphics. It’s about culture,
impact and brand position. This workshop focuses on our cultural shift to
edgy and relevant designs. Most of all we focus on effective ways to
position your brand for maximum impact.
Betty brings ideas used by mega church, small business and Forbes
companies that maximize your reach.


“The Basics of Mental Health” 
Sonya Boyne
Identifying signs and symptoms of common mental health issues experienced by youth.

Description: This session will discuss the prevalence of mental health disorders
among youth, identify how mental health issues impact youth
interpersonally and interpersonally, and identify care approaches to
building mental health.

“Reaching At-Risk Youth” 
Dr. Tommy Carrington


Description: Reaching youth today is most definitely a challenging task. Youth today
are experiencing things that no other generation of youth has had to
experience. How do you prepare to reach a generation of youth who are
so far from God and at-risk of falling into so many pitfalls in life? With
decades of experience in working with young people who would be
considered “at-risk,” Tommy will provide some critical tools and guiding
principles for reaching those kids that seem “impossible” to reach.



“Beyond the Birds and Bees”
Kim Marshall

On medical questionnaires, we now frequently see the question of
“What sex were you assigned at birth?” This was not a question posed
10 years ago. It used to just ask the person filling out the form if you
were “male” or “female.” But, the matter of sexuality and gender is more
complex now, and we, as the church, are not removed from this. The
culture of our world is rapidly evolving and the church often misses the
boat in discussing these important matters that are impacting the lives
of our kids. Teens are struggling with finding identity, and now,
we see more and more of them fighting with themselves to make sense
of race and culture along with their sexuality, sexual orientation, gender
identity, and seeing how God fits into it all. Their question is often
around how God and his people perceive them as they search for
answers. Let’s grapple through ways to walk alongside of them as they
seek and explore.


Student Track Pt. 2
Tabitha Gibson and Isiah Hayes
This track is designed for students between the ages of 14 and 18